I had my first disappointed client.

It is going to happen. Negative thoughts flood my mind as an unaccomplished designer. That is going to happen too, and it does often. As a designer I spread myself skills too thin, and it turns out that knowledge is sometimes not like riding a bike, sometimes it takes a couple falls and focusing on one trajectory to prosper.


Do epic sh!t

2017 was filled with many projects and less live music coverage than the previous year.

I focused on monumental moments in lives of friends, family, and myself. Strayed away from posting often on social media, although, it didn't necessarily mean that I stayed off of it. I observed my "competition" like a hawk, trying to learn from them, soaking in any detail that I could that would help advance my practice. That was the issue though, I was studying others as competition. Why though?  I think we can agree that it is more fun to collaborate. 

For someone who is adaptable, I am very critical on myself. When I review my photography and graphics, I scrutinize them; adjust; erase; start over; and sulk in the vision that was not executed how I envision the first go-round. It is a lesson that I have to remind myself: just finish and move on. About 90% of what I am creating is not for me anyway, it is for someone else. You could say the self-critical thoughts stem from the potential opportunity of failure. Honestly, I don't feel uncomfortable when confronted with revision suggestions, I am excited to receive feedback and relieved to hear direction from my client and to execute their vision.

I have attracted the most compatible clients I could ask for this year and looking forward to who I may cross paths with in the future.

As far as my goals for the 2018 year, I have already started, months ago. There's no time to waste, I am always learning. I am actively broadening my web development knowledge and will implement some ideas that I have been marinating on, this means enforcing myself to block out time to do creative projects for me, or else it will never happen. I am inspired by the cannabis industry and Denver music scene, alright... mainly events organized by Rebudz, Reload, Amplitude, Q-vents, Global Dance, Spectrum AudioBeta Nightclub, and event art created by The Firm Graphics. I want to take advantage of the network that I am a part of and represent it with the ideas that are overflowing because no one is going to do it for me. I was in a creative slump and it feels good to have those creative juices flowing again.

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a photographer in the Denver electronic scene, specifically Adrien Mirhashemi for welcoming me into the Global Dance Promoters about five years ago, Chief B and Evan for getting my foot in the door at Rage Colorado, TJ Weitzel for bringing me on board at Beta as a photographer, which eventually lead to teaming up with James Lee and Aaron Jackson at Rebudz (and accomplice Reload Productions), and also Dom Perea for Amplitude. I recently celebrated my one year anniversary as resident photographer for Rebudz in November and eager to step it up this year. It's gonna be lit. 🔥😜

If anyone out there is reading this, I am seeking models, photo adventure buddies, creative minds. Drop a line on my contact page and lets link up!

Happy 2018!

Need inspiration?.. Here's a digital copy of Art and Fear.

Flatiron School’s first annual Code Drive

This December, code for a cause by joining Flatiron School’s first annual Code Drive – a week-long coding marathon benefiting refugees.

Around the world, there are 22.5 million refugees. These refugees contend with hunger, homelessness, and extreme poverty – as well as a disruption in their work and education – as they attempt to piece their lives back together. That’s where coding can come in to help. For these refugees, an in-demand professional skill such as coding can help them regain their economic stability.

Through Code Drive 2017, you can work toward your own programming goals while helping provide full scholarships to refugees seeking better lives through code. It’s free to get involved – you commit to coding and we’ll match the number of lessons you complete in scholarship dollars.

The details:

  • 7-day coding marathon: December 11 through 17, 2017
  • Each coding lesson completed = $1 for refugees
  • Use any Flatiron School curriculum (including free courses like Bootcamp Prep!)

On a personal note, this is an awesome benefit to be a part of, however the curriculum is vague and touches on topics with few examples. If you are trying to learn I would suggest Udemy or Code Academy.


late nite post.

I renovated my website and photo portfolio. I have so many albums building up and wanted to feature each Denver record label separately in addition to the stellar art created by The Firm Graphics.

& by the way,
The Firm is hosting

an art show on September 15 at the Bitfactory Gallery.

OK, now here's some cheesy photographer quotes.

What a weekend

...for Global Dance Festival in Denver. Moving to the Sports Authority Field was a great choice for so many reasons: stage access, water, bathrooms, private VIP, food trucks, vendors, carnival rides, water fountains, & no stair master exercises. Editing some photos now, but realllly digging the moments I captured. 

Front row death grip

Front row death grip