It's amazing what you can get accomplished

....before 10am. This morning I took Blue to the vet for a check-up and to get the dog boarding organized for the trips we have planned this summer. We've got a healthy black and tan coonhound!

Now it's time to finish editing some photos from the past week. I photographed Bear Grillz at The Ogden on Friday after I went to Sensi Night at City Hall.

Sensi Night is a blast for cannabis enthusiasts looking to network and learn about up and coming strains, technology, and events. I "high"ly recommend checking it out if you are in Denver. the event is hosted by Sensi Magazine.  The Farm Co booth was there, however I was helping Maria with Flower for Hope. Flower for hope is a non-profit with a mission "to educate and provide women with cancer the resources and knowledge to obtain cannabis products. With the high medical costs associated with cancer, [they] strive to provide financial assistance for women to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card." She works closely with CBD Centro to provide cannabis worldwide, yes, anywhere on the planet Earth.
In my time at The Farm I have worked with many cancer patients and have heard and seen breakthroughs with the use of cannabis, I hope to reach out to others to see what I experience.

Saturday I photographed an event put on by Amplitude, featured Downlink, Tha Trickaz, The Bloodthinnerz, and REM. Click here for the full gallery.