We're engaged!

Datsik weekend was more than I had hoped! My best friend proposed to me in the middle of all of the fun!

Saturday Datsik brought the Shogun stage to the 1st Bank Center, complete with 250,000 watts of crystal clear PK Sound, my ears weren't even ringing after! His stage was monstrous and he definitely didn't forget his lasers. One of my favorite shows ever!

Two nights later Datsik performed at the Belly up in Aspen. After a long drive, we walked around to stretch our legs, and that is when we found some pretty lights and Tony proposed! I couldn't believe what was happening, I was completely surprised!
The Belly Up is a pretty intimate venue, we easily found our spots up front and enjoyed Virtual Riot and Datsik play their own set and then a back to back together, super rowdy! In the middle of the b2b Datsik walked up front of the stage to give everyone high fives, Tony screams that we just got engaged and Datsik pulled him on stage then me, stopped the tunes and had everyone congratulate us, I can't believe that this was real life! It was so cool that he did that! 
After watching him from the side of the stage, Datsik come over to congratulate us again! I told him that he made my life and he didn't need to do that. Datsik's response, "As if I wouldn't!" 
Troy Beetles is the man! So surreal.

My fiancé is the most thoughtful person in the whole wide world to choose this weekend to propose. Ha - he even exceeded his own expectations!