late nite post.

I renovated my website and photo portfolio. I have so many albums building up and wanted to feature each Denver record label separately in addition to the stellar art created by The Firm Graphics.

& by the way,
The Firm is hosting

an art show on September 15 at the Bitfactory Gallery.

OK, now here's some cheesy photographer quotes.

What a weekend

...for Global Dance Festival in Denver. Moving to the Sports Authority Field was a great choice for so many reasons: stage access, water, bathrooms, private VIP, food trucks, vendors, carnival rides, water fountains, & no stair master exercises. Editing some photos now, but realllly digging the moments I captured. 

Front row death grip

Front row death grip

I can breathe...

This week has been a blur. So many ideas fermenting, projects I am juggling, and homies to collaborate with. Stress is a heavy antagonist when you are trying your best and see very little progress at a time. But when you take a second to reflect, it's working out, it is moving forward, not static.

My most recent meeting with Kristian, He has started a kombucha company by the name of Kundali. This has been a freakin fun project to work on, I can't wait to share more than the logo.